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Encircled, a coloring book, contains simple to intricate images for beginning to intermediate skill levels.  This book does not contain many intricately doodled images. 

BUY ENCIRCLED, a Coloring Book Here

Another really big ginormous book OF doodles

This book has 136 page for your coloring pages.  This book is for beginners to intermediate colorists.  There are very few intricately doodled pages in this book.  There are 11 sections with different types of images to color. 

Buy Another Really Big Ginormous Book of Doodles Here

petal pusher volume two

Petal Pusher Volume Two is a coloring book with 36 colorable pages for colorists of beginning to expert skill levels.  The flowers are fantasy and all images are original, hand drawn line art and doodled by Doodlist Patricia Burke.

Buy PETAL PUSHER Volume Two Here

shoe-dles too

Shoe-dles Too, is another coloring book of shoes.  Hand drawn, original line art created by doodlist Patricia Burke.  This book contains 34 pages of shoes for your inner fashionista to love and color!  



Simply Mandala was created by Doodlist Patricia Burke for colorists who struggle with low vision and or dexterity issues due to health.  The images in this book have larger easier to color spaces.  This book could also be colored by some children. 

Buy Simply Mandala Here

petal pusher

Petal Pusher is one of nine adult coloring books created by original line artist and Doodlist, Patricia Burke.  The fantasy flower images in this book are more intricately drawn and have smaller spaces therefore, colorists will need to be able to color in small spaces. 


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Heart is a coloring book of hearts and heart shaped,  intricate hand drawn original line art, created by Doodlist Patricia Burke.  This book will require colorists to have intermediate to expert skill levels. 



Zoo-dles is a coloring book of creatures. Both real and imagined.  There are 34 images, hand drawn, original line art, created by Doodlist Patricia Burke,  in this book.  Most of these images require colorists to have intermediate to expert skill levels.  If you don't enjoy coloring in small spaces, this book may not be for you. 



Shoe-dles, is the first coloring book by  the artist.  This book has 32 pages of colorable shoe images.  All hand drawn, original line art and lovingly created by Doodlist and Shoe lover, Patricia Burke.  These images can be used by colorists of all skill levels.  Set your inner fashionista free! Find your favorite shoe and choose your own color palette!

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